They shit on the House Chamber floor.

The January 6th Committee this past Thursday wrapped up its last scheduled public hearing. The evidence and revelations presented at the hearing presented a summary of what most rational thinking Americans already know: the January 6, 2021 assault on the nation’s capital was an armed insurrection developed, planned, and executed by powerful political leaders, law enforcement personnel, and a litany of clowns and goons affiliated with both.

But one of the most disgusting revelations was House Speaker Nancy Pelosi revealing to other government officials over the phone as tha attack was underway that some insurrectionists had defecated on the House Chamber floor.

If possible, think for one minute about that revelation.

People had died, at least one had been killed, and hundreds had been seriously injured by a mob of cretins shouting “hang Mike Pence.” And amidst all this human chaos—the screaming curses, the vile death threats, and the senseless destruction of government property—some of these assholes, in the presence of a bunch of other assholes, dropped their pants and shit on the House Chamber floor.

Contemplate for just one more moment about what kind of character and mindset it takes to do such a thing. People normally defecate when a natural biological urge occurs. It takes a crude, filthy, obnoxious, and unhinged person to drop their pants in public and defecate on the House Chamber floor.

The shit those individuals deposited on that floor not only represented but defined the political belief system they were so-called “fighting” for.

Some of the nation’s right wing political leaders—White Christian Nationalists as they like to be known—have called the defecating insurrectionists “patriots.”

Patriotism (which is actually a Greek word, not American) in 17th century Europe was considered a defense of an established order but the American Revolution transformed the term into an assault on an established order.

So I guess those horn wearing, tattooed violence supporting goons who defiled the House Chamber floor with an excrement that smelled much like their breath were, in fact,  “shitty patriots.”

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