Societal mental health

Mental health experts say that one in five Americans—roughly 66 million people—suffer from a “diagnosable” mental illness.

From the ranks of these unfortunate individuals are a dangerous group of people who see sinister conspiracies lurking in the dark or on the ceiling as Michael Caputo recently suggested.

Mental illness has given this legion of generally heavily armed folks a license to threaten racial civil war, advocate insurrection against duly elected public officials, and to level the most outlandish accusations against mentally normal people, such as Covid-fighting mask wearers or anyone who is a Democrat or who has ever spoken to a Democrat.

Among the worst of these mentally deranged people are millions of members and followers who support the thousands of Qanon groups that have implanted themselves on Facebook and other far right-wing media outlets.

The socio-political ideology of these “Q” groups prompted one follower to murder an “alleged” mafia boss while another threatened to kill Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

One Qanon follower named Marjorie Taylor Greene recently captured a Republican congressional primary seat and will most assuredly defeat her Democratic opponent in a heavily Republican district in Georgia in November. Step aside Congressional Corruption, Congressional Insanity has joined the Club.

The core belief system of Qanon followers is that there is a cabal of Satin-worshipping pedophiles who control a global child sex-trafficking network. The American members of this cabal are all Democrats or supporters of Democrats, including:

  • Bill & Hillary Clinton
  • George Soros
  • Barak Obama
  • Joe Biden
  • Tom Hanks
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Ellen DeGeneres
  • Pope Francis
  • Dalai Lama

The list goes on and on and on.

Qanon followers believe this cabal of Democrats regularly meet in underground tunnels or pizza parlors where they rape and murder children then drank the dead child’s blood to extract what the followers believe is a “life-extending” chemical.

“Q” followers—many of whom boast of their membership with “Q” t-shirts, underwear, panties, crudely drawn signs, and fingers-turned “Q” signals that would make the Crips blush—wrap their insane ideology under the umbrella of God and His only heir, Jesus, not realizing that the Almighty above denounces them as mistakes of Creation.

But here is the real flaw in the “Q” conspiracy:

They fail to realize that such a child sex/cannibalistic cabal could not exist in the U.S. without both the explicit and implicit support of thousands of Republican law enforcement officials, state and federal prosecutors, judges, members of Congress and members of state legislatures.

If a “Q” follower sitting at home with one finger up his nose and the other on a computer keyboard sending out cryptic Facebook posts knows not only about the existence of the cabal but the names of all its Democratic members, then even one lone Republican police officer patrolling the vast wastelands of North Dakota would know the same thing and would most assuredly stake out the nearest pizza parlor in an effort to bust the Pope and Ellen DeGeneres in the act.

Now I don’t know of any prominent Democratic who has been arrested, much less convicted, of raping, killing and eating children. You would think that least one such Democrat would make the mistake of leaving blood-evidence on his lips.

But I do know that Republican operative George Nader is in a federal prison on child porn charges, that the late Republican hob-knobbing financier Jeffery Epstein was a convicted pedophile, and that Jerry Falwell, Jr. was recently force to resign from Liberty University after a sexually suggestive photo of him and an underage girl surfaced on social media while the minister’s wife was off sleeping with the “pool boy.”

Now all of these fine fellows are or were rumored by the Xanon Conspiracy group to be part of a Russian cabal of child molesting, child fondling, and child abusing mostly Republicans (with a few Green Party adherents) that socially network in the legendary alien warehouse known as Hangar 18 or in the nearest burger joint where Devil-delicious burgers are sold without fattening fries.

Wacky-quacky do has become a rooted fixture in the American mindset.

The problem—or I should say the danger—is that “Q” followers are real people who really believe the insane Deep State cabal theories.

Talk about “bat-shit crazy.”

How in the hell did we ever land a “man on the moon.”

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