This past April, as the scientific search for a Covid-19 treatment began in earnest, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, the maker of Regeneron, issued this statement to the public.

“Regeneron uses a wide variety of research tools and technologies to help discover and develop new therapeutics. Stem cells are one such tool.”

The statement went on to say that there are “limited research efforts employing … human embryonic stem cells.”

In a December 2015 article in Scientific American, University of North Carolina biomedical researcher Lishan Su said that, “Using fetal tissue [from aborted fetuses] is not an easy choice, but so far there is no better choice. Many, many biomedical researchers depend on fetal tissue research to save human lives. And I think many of them feel the same way.” 

In 2019, President Trump issued a number of Executive Orders clamping down on the use of aborted fetal tissue in scientific research. In fact, the Washington Post reported earlier this year that at least one scientist was forced to “abandon” his coronavirus treatment research because of the president’s executive orders.

Yet, while at the Walter Reed medical center, the president was administered a treatment protocol that involved the use of Regeneron—aborted fetal tissue.

Just two days before President Trump tested positive for the Covid-19 virus, Dr. George D. Yancopoulos, the president and Chief Scientific Officer of Regeneron, issued this public statement:

“After months of incredibly hard work by our talented team, we are extremely gratified to see that Regeneron’s antibody cocktail REGIN-COV2 rapidly reduced viral load and associated symptoms in infected COVID-19 patients … We are highly encourage by the robust and consistent nature of these initial data …”

Now I think U.S. Senators (especially Republicans) should ask Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett whether she approves of or would undergo this treatment protocol if she became severely infected with the Covid virus.

The president either drank that REGIN cocktail right on down or had it infused into his body – and widely proclaimed that it made him feel 20 years younger.

So, pro-life folks, this is your dilemma: Would you consume, or subscribe to one of your loved ones consuming, the aborted fetal cocktail to save yours or one of your loved ones’ lives from Covid?

I guess if the president can sign an order prohibiting the use of a biomedical treatment protocol, he or she can damn well violate their own order.

Made him feel 20 years younger, he said, although it didn’t do too much for his age look.

As for me, I would drink the REGIN cocktail before I would drink the Clorox cocktail or do a Lysol enema.

Twenty years younger – imagine that. There goes Peloton’s stock.

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