Lucian Lincoln Wood, Jr.

This 70-year-old Atlanta, Georgia-based attorney is better known as “Lin” Wood.

A personal injury attorney by nature, Wood has had some spectacular clients during his 50-plus years as an attorney: Richard Jewell, the parents of Jon-Benet Ramsey (John and Patsy), and the late Harman Cain.

Lin Wood is an unabashed “conspiracy theorist.”

Here are some of the aging attorney’s conspiracy theories: serial pedophile Jeffery Epstein is alive and well; Chief Justice John Roberts murdered the late Associate Justice Antonin Scalia, the QAnon Conspiracy Theory (that a Democratic pedophile cult operating out of a pizza parlor in Washington, D.C. controls the “Deep State” running the country); and that he may actually be “the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.”

These are some Wood’s publicly shared conspiracy theories. God only knows what he believes in the solitude of darkness. It is almost certain that many other such conspiracies rampage through his mind as he recalls coming home when he was 16-years-old to discover that his abusive alcoholic father had beaten his mother to death—a crime for which the father served a little more than two years in prison.

The attorney’s latest conspiracy theory is that Vice-President Mike Pence, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Chief Justice Roberts have “conspired” to deny President Donald J. Trump a second term in office. Wood said Vice President Pence is so guilty of treason that he should be summarily executed by firing squad.

Wood has been a member of a legal team for the president—including but not limited to Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and Jenna Ellis—trying to invalidate what has been called the “most honest and secure presidential election” in history; an election whose validity has been upheld twice by the U.S. Supreme Court and more than 70 other federal and state court judges in the nation.

In the midst of a viral pandemic that claimed nearly 400,000 lives and left 20 million people infected (the highest infection rate in the world), with food lines stretching for miles, and the lives of millions of people torn asunder, 2020 must be remembered as a year when a pandemic of political insanity also gripped the nation.

That an attorney—who claims to be the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and that the Chief Justice murdered a fellow justice and that the Vice-President should be executed by firing squad—could be part of a presidential defense team trying to convince the nation and its judicial system that 74 million votes is actually more than 81 million votes is the quintessential definition of political insanity.

Worse yet, that tens of millions of people actually share the same views as Lin Wood takes political insanity to farthest outer limits of the universe in search of a definition.

There have been worse years in American history: 1838 Cherokee Trail of Tears; 1919 an Influenza killed 20 million people; 1943 the year of more than 240 interracial battles across the country and at military bases along with the Zoot Suit riots in Los Angeles, Detroit and Harlem; and 1968 that produced political assassinations, street riots and violence, and the election of the proven racist Richard Nixon.

But no year in American history has such political insanity gripped and nearly squeezed the soul out of this nation’s social, political and institutional values.

I have one final thing to say about 2020: it should have a swift kick in the ass as it departs into the insanity zone of history.

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