“It ain’t over til it’s over.”

That Yogi-ism has been used by the legion of folks who still refuse to accept the outcome of the 2020 election; namely, that Joe Biden won the election in a “landslide.”

More than 50 lawsuits have been filed in 7 swing states challenging the presidential outcome of that election. Virtually every one of the lawsuits have been either laughed or ridiculed out of state and federal courts by both Republican and Democratic judges. The U.S. Supreme Court, with six Republican justices—three of whom appointed by President Trump—have twice unanimously refused to even entertain the myriad of voter fraud claims used to challenge the election outcome.

Altogether, at least 9 Trump-appointed federal judges have summarily dismissed the lawsuits filed in their courts. The judges have simply asked of the attorneys filing these lawsuits, “where’s the beef.”

These legal challenges have been orchestrated by”skilled” right-wing conspiracy theorists like Sidney Powell and Lin Wood under the brilliant guidance of Rudy Tooty Giuliani, the former “gang buster” who now has trouble controlling his hair dye and sphincter muscle in public.

And what is the beef actually?

Tying together Hugo Chavez, George Soros, Dominion Voting Systems, Papa Doc Duvalier, D.B. Cooper, the Bermuda Triangle, Marie Laveau, Comet Ping Pong’s Pizza, the Clintons, Seth Rich and Hunter Biden into a conspiracy to stuff 7 million fraudulent votes in three voting machines in seven states.

“Did you talk to Hugo?” Rudy Tooty asked Ms. Sidney.

“Yes, I did –  just like you asked me, Mr. Mayor.” Ms. Sidney replied.

“Well, what did Hugo say?”

With a side glance at Lin Wood, Ms. Sidney replied: “First thing he told me was how hot it is down there before saying …. And these are his exact words, ‘Release the Kraken.’”

“The Kraken! Who the f..k is the Kraken?” Rudy Tooty bellowed as flatulence blew out of his dark side.

A silent pause passed between them as Ms. Sidney thought about the right answer while Rudy wondered how he would look in Ms. Sidney’s dress.

“All I know – and this came directly to me from Boogaloo in Idaho – is that he is a Unabomber in some federal supermax prison in Colorado.”

And at that precise moment on the sunny side of Heavenly Paradise, Hank Williams turned to Minnie Pearl said: “That’s the problem, Minnie – there just ain’t no beef.”

So, it’s over – the Fat Lady has sung.

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