“Deplorable” and “disgusting.”

Both terms have been used to describe President Trump’s adoring supporters,

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential campaign undeniably referred to Trump supporters as a “basketful of deplorables.”

President Trump earlier this year as the coronavirus pandemic escalated reportedly (as revealed recently by a former White House aide) said the Covid virus might be a good thing because he would not have to “shake hands with all those disgusting people.”

Trump supporters in 2016 really got their “drawers in a knot” over the Clinton “deplorable” analogy. They have not expressed as much indignation over Trump’s reported “disgusting” analogy. Perhaps they have chosen not to believe the alleged “disgusting” comments just as they refuse to believe the president is less than perfect.

But, for the sake of argument, let’s assume that both terms were used in the context in which they were described in the public record.

I think Hillary was probably describing those Trump supporters who attended his campaign rallies with signs that read, “lock the bitch up” or “Obama is a Muslim terrorist.”

And I’m sure Trump was not referring to “deep money pockets” supporters like Becky DeVoss or Luis DeJoy as being “disgusting” but rather those people standing behind the barriers at campaign rallies trying to clasp the “hand of Christ.”

That said, it must also be understood that each of us—every single person on this earth currently breathing in life-sustaining oxygen—have either acted in a “deplorable” way or said some “disgusting” thing.

For example, I’m sure everyone has farted in a public setting of some sort, even in church no less. Such actions can reasonably be described as deplorable, particularly by those standing close to you.

And I’m sure that everyone is a moment of road rage has described a fun-loving, good father and husband as a “stupid motherf..ker” for cutting them off in an Interstate traffic jam.

In effect, if being deplorable and disgusting were crimes, we would all be cellmates—and I must say it is funny thinking about the public gas releaser and the angry motorist sharing the same cell in “super max.”

But here is what I really mean by saying something “disgusting.” This recent comment was posted on my Facebook page a south-bound, Neo-Nazi lunatic right after Justice Ginsburg’s


“It’s called TDS and u definitely have it bad frenchie.

[please don’t ask me to decipher that.]

“Today is one of the greatest  days, Trumps third Supreme Court justices. One that actually has a brain that doesn’t support the murder of the most innocent life in the womb after conception. Good riddance Ruth the feminazi she WAS!” [this looney-tune was obviously not home-schooled in grammar.]

In any event, he is obviously a Trump supporter – and is one truly “disgusting” motherf..ker.

In my “reply” to this ding-bat, I called him a “sick fuck.” Now that is “deplorable” conduct. Now anyone who has ever tried it knows that “f..king” is not “sick.” Please forgive me – I don’t know what came over me except to lamely say that “the Devil made me do it.” My placing f..king on the “sick” level is as deplorable as this warped Boogaloo disgustingly calling me “frenchue.”

All I’m saying is this: we are all in moments of absolute and utter weakness both deplorable and disgusting.

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