Lady of Justice

Also known in Greek mythology as the Titan Goddess Themis—a beloved figure in ancient Athens.

Themis was hailed far and wide as the divine authority on justice, law-and-order, and the preservation of the natural order of things. She had three symbolic features that continue to reside in thousands of hall of justices to this day: a blindfold, a scale and a sword.

The blindfold means justice should be impartial, the scale means justice should be evenly distributed, and the sword means that respect for the other two goals should be enforced.

Anyone who can spell “history” understands that despite the noble intentions of Themis’ symbols, human justice has never been impartial, much less even.

Take the January 6, 2021 Capitol insurrection case. Four lives were lost during the criminal, treasonous assault on the Capitol Building that day. Millions of dollars in damage was done as the predominantly white supremacist crowd of roughly 1,000 roamed the halls of Congress in search of the Vice President to hang him and in search of the Speaker of the House to murder her. Five additional people, all Capitol police officers, died in the wake of the coup attempt.

As of this date, 725 of the insurrectionists have been arrested, mostly on minor offenses. Politico reported as of January 6, 2022, only 71 of those arrested have been sentenced for their guilty plea admitted crimes. Sixty-four of the 71 sentences thus far handed down through Justice Department arranged “plea deals” have been for misdemeanor offenses—and only 30 of those actually received jail time. The others received probation or home confinement.

Compare that insurrection “justice” to the criminal “justice” meted out to Allen Russell in Forrest County, Mississippi. Russell was arrested in November 2017 in Hattiesburg for possession of 30 grams of marijuana. Having two prior convictions (one for a 2004 burglary and the other for a 2015 unlawful possession of a firearm by a convicted felon), Russell was sentenced to life without parole as a “violent habitual offender” under Mississippi law. That sentence was upheld by an en banc Mississippi court of Appeals in May 2021—just four months after the Capitol insurrection occurred.

That is the true face of American justice—a small-time “petty criminal” with no political affiliations receives a life without parole sentence for 30 grams of marijuana while a violent treasonous insurrectionist hell-bent on lynching the Vice President and murdering the House Speaker receives “home detention”—and who incidentally had the temerity to recently ask his sentencing judge if he could spend 10 days with his online girlfriend in Jamaica.

The Attorney General of the United States recently told the American public that the Justice Department is prepared to pursue the “facts” and hold to account all those responsible for the “1/6 insurrection,” regardless of who they are.

If you get suckered into believing that “deal,” then you may as well purchase that ocean front property in Arizona.

Meanwhile, in the melting pot of justice, Allen Russell is serving his life without parole sentence in a violent prison system while one of the 1/6 insurrectionists bemoans the fact from his jail cell that one hundred thousand people did not show up in Washington on the one year anniversary of the Capitol riot to demand his release as a “true American Patriot.”

The tragic bottom line: roughly 30 to 40 million Americans with Republican Party affiliations in fact believe that the 1/6 insurrectionists are indeed American Patriots while they simultaneously believe that the Allen Russell’s are criminals.


“Let’s go Brandon”

This is a dimwitted phrase used by right-wing true believers to say, in a quiet conspiratorial way, “Fuck Joe Biden”—the 46th president of the United States who honestly and handily defeated the 45th President of the United States in what the “defeated” president’s own cyber-security officials said was the “most secure election in history.”

The “let’s go Brandon” folks do not believe these security officials.

They choose to believe the Boogaloo guy who was told by the Proud Boys at a QAnon meeting in Randy Weaver’s old shack in the Idaho hills just short of Golden Spuds Ride that the election was “stolen.”

The Proud Boys it seems got their election fraud information from Eric Rudolph, the abortion clinic bomber, who received his information from a vision in his supermax prison cell in Colorado from David Koresh.

The Waco religious cult leader assured Rudolph that he got the election fraud information directly from the burnt lips of Jim “Kool-Aid” Jones during a break from the heat in Hell’s Kitchen” where they are eternally and gainfully employed by Lucifer, Inc.

This hell delivered information was good enough for Rudy “Tooty” Giuliani and Steve “The Bath Hater” Bannon to create a “War Room” needed to spread the “Big Lie” fake news story across the political hinterland.

And as the flames of the Big Lie spread across this right-wing political landscape (which incidentally put the Big Foot and Ancient Aliens stories on the conspiracy back-burners), the “let’s go Brandon” vulgarity was born from the ashes of the “Big Lie” fires.

Vulgarity of any kind does serious damage to social etiquette. It demeans the value of human language.

And that’s why, I believe, the “let’s go Brandon” crowd try to disguise their “fuck Joe Biden” sentiments. The phrase gives them a cultural secret that provides them with a shared sense Archie Bunker comic relie.

The disguise is strange since vulgarity is such a prominent fixture in their social life–a crude kind of vulgarity they regularly hear when they go to the Shit-Kicking Bar on Mulberry and Wild Boar Street where they hear Johnny Russell singing “red neck, white socks and blue ribbon beer” on an antique Wurlitzer over the vulgar shouts of two buddies arguing about who fucked Tammany Fay first at the Poke-A-Lotta-Twatta” RV park..

“Fuck you, bitch,” the taller buddy screams. “You can’t even fuck your hand right.”

“And fuck you, you fucking motherfucker asshole,” shouts the smaller, stockier buddy as he tries to roll up the sleeves on a shirt that has no sleeves, “just ask your sister what I’m all about.”

Now, just for one fleeting moment, compare the “let’s go Brandon” political vulgarity to the everyday vulgarity spoken by the right-wing “let’s go Brandon” crowd at all the Shit-Kicking Bars across America.


Ode to J.W.

The innocent do die

But in their final moments

They dare not cry

The rage

Induced by unfairness

Begs expression

Demands a response

It is not just that the innocent die

But how they choose to die

Defiance is the way

To say

I am not afraid to see

The worse you can do to me

Do not go gentle into that good night

Dylan Thomas wrote

Let your stare

Express your might

You do not walk in eternal darkness alone

The love of those you left behin

Will always be the guiding light

That will sustain you

Until all our souls are joined

In God’s good grace

Let this ode

Reach your heart

You are still loved by many

So rest in peace, J.W.

You were

Soldier of misfortune