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Love Behind Bars: The True Story of an American Prisoner’s Wife

Jodie Sinclair is a former TV news reporter who helped expose a massive pardons-for-sale scam at Angola, the bloodiest prison in Louisiana. 

She survived the terrible hardships imposed by a corrupt state for 25 years that kept her from her husband, Billy Sinclair, a national award-winning writer behind bars. 

 When Billy Sinclair and I pass away, I pray we will go together, me behind him in the saddle, nestled against his back, riding Destiny’s horse into the clouds over the beautiful hills around us, the reins in his hands, my arms locked around his waist.     

If I go first, I will wait for him at eternity’s edge, as he would for me. Then, we will ride out of time together to face whatever awaits us.  
Were we God’s children or disciples of the devil? A heavenly gift transformed Billy into the man of moral strength and character I loved. 
Some might say it’s a long shot. But I’m betting on Heaven.    

  Jodie Sinclair
                                                                                             The Texas Hill Country
                                                                                                                   May 2018